Sunday, 21 September 2014

My American Adventures - I'm home!

So I am home after three months of my states side adventure.

I worked at Walt Disney World for 2 months in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. My highlight of the whole time working was when I picked up a shift at the Boutique inside Cinderella's Castle (my normal location was Downtown Disney). Working in the Castle was so magical and I loved every minute. I just wish I worked here more, or was placed here for the whole program. However I am glad I got to experience it!

Last shift at the boutique

FGIT Heidi and Rachel
I then left the programme on 15th August and headed to Miami for 3 days with the girls from Disney.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach

I then flew from Fort Lauderdale airport to Las Vegas. Vegas was unreal, and felt unreal and fake too!! It's such a cool place though, all the lights, casinos, nightclubs etc, I secretly loved it! And we managed to take a day trip to the Grand Canyon which was breathtaking - photos don't do it justice!

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

We then got a bus (after it broke down and we spend 3 hours on the side of the motorway!) to LA. LA was so cool, my favourite was Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, it was so posh, I wanna live there one day! We also saw the famous Hollywood sign, but I think its overated - shhh don't tell anyone!

Beverly Hills 90210

Hollywood sign

Cycling the Yosemite Valley
Next we stayed in a tent in Yosemite. Californai is currently in the worst drough for 500 years. This meant there were not pretty lakes, and none of the famous waterfalls. Yosemite was a bit of a let down, and we left here early.

Yosemite National Park

San Francisco was our next destination. I loved it here, and was even able to go running in the mornings. And not just so I could escape the severly loud snoring in our dorm!! My favourite was cycling over the Golden Gate bridge, I loved it! We also visited Alcatraz which was super interesting.

Run along the beach to the Golden Gate

Golden Gate bridge

Smoothies on the roof of Macy's looking over Union Square

View of San Fran from Alcatraz

We ended our trip in New York, the city that never sleeps, where we did an awful lot of shopping - ooopsies! I also treated myself to a Kate Spade bag, blog to follow ASAP! We also went to Enrique and Pitbull concert and were fortunate enough to randomly get upgraded to the front row of the seating area!


The famous NY skyline

What an amazing summer I had, you can see my full adventure on my blog that I set up just for summer here.

I am excited to get stuck back into this blog though!

More soon xoxo