Sunday, 26 January 2014

Matilda the musical

On Tuesday my sister and I took a spontaneous trip to the theatre to see Matilda. My sister went to the theatre on hope that they would have some spare seats and they did! We only paid £25 for a ticket..... Bargain!! Considering the musical is sold out on online and only £80 tickets are left this was pretty lucky, even if we were on the back row at the very top! The theatre is quite small so the seating did not matter!

The musical was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone! It follows the book and film as closely as possible and the songs are very catchy. My favorite was 'When I grow Up' and 'Revolting Children'. The set was equally amazing with lots of props, colours and variety!

The little girl who played Matilda was absolutely fantastic, such a star. Whenever I watch musicals on the West End it makes me wish that I kept up dancing and was on the stage - although I cant sing so that would be interesting! The person who plays Mrs Trunchball is actually a man, and he is brilliant! Mr Trunchball is hilarious and reminded me a bit of Tim Minchin (who wrote the music and lyrics!).

If you ever fancy a trip to the theatre and have seen quite a few of the musicals and don't know what to see I would most definitely recommend Matilda. It is perfect for the family. When I was in the toilet's there were two little girls about 6 in the front of me in the queue. One girl asked the other if she liked it and the girl replied 'I don't like it, I love it!' I think that is the best way to sum the musical up!!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Cupcakes and Cakes

My favorite thing to do at the weekend after a long week at work is bake, and in particular cakes! I love experimenting with new designs to decorate my cupcakes and also look for inspiration on Pinterest :)

I usually use a simple cake mixture, however one tip that I was once told was to weight the eggs before you start. Two eggs will usually weight around 132-136 grams. Once you have this number the rest is simple, note this number down and all the ingredients (except for the baking powder and vanilla essence/cocoa power) should weight this amount.

Cream sugar and butter together for a good 5 minutes. Add one egg and a teaspoon of the flour, then add the other egg and a teaspoon of flour. Mix all the ingredients together but not for long. The trick is the less you mix the ingredients the fluffier the cake will be. When I first started baking I was told to mix all the ingredients together for as long as possible and my cakes never rose. I then discovered that you should try to mix all the ingredients for as little time as possible!

Anyway hope those couple of tips are useful! Here are a couple of images of my favorite cupcakes and cakes that I have made recently (and there is the picture of the melting snowmen I made at Christmas on my previous post!)

Enjoy xoxo