Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey

So, it arrived the long anticipated film finally arrived on our screens at the cinema.

Being typical girls we pre-booked our tickets in advance just to make sure we got seats, and all ventured to the local Odeon on Friday 13th February.

We followed in many other groups of girls and picked up our tickets. The film started at 8.15 and we got there are 7.45 to get seats (you don't get reserved seats at this cinema!). All the good seats had already gone, how early did people arrive?! We took seats on the left hand side and even then it was a struggle to get seats for all 7 of us!

The whole cinema was full of girls, with 4 couples dotted about!

As soon as it started me and my friends thought, oh no what have we done this is so cringe. But once the first sex scene was over and we knew what to expect we settled and enjoyed the whole thing.

The cinema had such a nice relaxed environment so we were able to whisper little comments to each other, or laugh at our friends reactions to the raunchy scenes!

After all the bad reviews, we all went in not expecting a great film, but left loving every minute of it. I know I enjoy a film when it felt like it flew by, it seemed as though it was only 10 minutes long, when in fact it was nearly 2 hours!

The film was cleverly and tastefully done and I would recommend it to any group of girls wanting to go and see it.

Just wait for the ending........?!!! xoxo

Monday, 9 February 2015

My tips for healthy 2015

These are just things that I live by and they seem to be working for me! Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!!

1) Drink lemon water

The benefits of lemon water are that it boosts your immune system due to being high in vitamin C. Lemon water also aids digestion and detoxes the liver. Lemon water is also known to enhance your mood - perfect if you cannot get out of bed in the morning when feeling grumpy!  Its best to drink the lemon water when you wake up, but I usually end up drinking it throughout the day. I don't mind the taste of lemons so I actually really enjoy drinking this. I have a bottle and I cut the lemon into slices and poke through the top of the bottle and then fill with water.

2) Eat protein

Protein is a perfect energy source and excellent for muscle repair and growth. I have tried to increase my protein intake and have really started to enjoy turkey, particularly turkey mince. Turning the turkey mince into the most delicious homemade chilli con carne which is also contains beans and pulses which are high in protein too!

3) Eat breakfast everyday

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I usually enjoy a bowl of porridge and homemade smoothie. Never ever miss breakfast as it is fuel for the day. If you skip breakfast you are more likely to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day. The quote below is my favourite!

4) Make homemade smoothies

Homemade smoothies are far better for you than the shop bought variety (I wont name names!!). The shop bought smoothies are seriously high in sugar and not that great for you. Making smoothies at home mean you can put whatever you want it. It is recommended to add greens to your smoothie, however I am yet to do this. However I think I may be brave and add spinach to my next smoothie, I will let you know how I get on but apparently you cannot taste it!! I add chai seeds to my smoothies, chai seeds are full of many nutrients but low in calories, particularly high in fibre which aids digestion.

5) Do not cut out carbs

Carbohydrates are needed to break down fat, if you competently cut carbs out your diet how is the fat going to break down. It turns to muscle and starts using that instead, this is why when people cut carbs out they lose weight quickly as the body is losing muscle weight which is not healthy. Eat carbohdrates in moderation but do NOT cut them out completely.

Hope these are helpful! xoxo

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Things I'm Loving - January

Sorry this post is couple of days late but I have been bogged down with two uni assignments, one due today and one tomorrow so have been spending my life in the library! However here is a roundup of my January favourties!

1) Snow!!

Janaury has been full of snow, and as annoying as it can be it is also simply stunning. It snowed just after Christmas when my family visited Sheffield. It then snowed a couple of weeks later and then a week after that. I have been lucky enough to go to the Peak District twice in the snow and take simply stunning photographs.

The Longshaw Estate
The Longshaw Estate

2) The Collective UK yoghurts

I dedicated an entire post to reviewing these yoghurts and think I have been addicted to them this month, there is never not a pot of it in my fridge. I am currently and still loving the passionfruit flavour, but am going to buy the lemon one next. I also bought the suckies, which are excellent for on the go. Although they are designed for and aimed at kids I can still enjoy them right?!!

3) Bring Back Borstal

I saw an advert for this and thought I must watch it. It was a four part series on ITV about ex young offenders volunteering to go into a borstal like in the olden days. It was a great documentary about how they coped with the regimes of the borstal and amazing to watch the boys improve and even be offered jobs at the end of it. I would recommend anyone watch this on itvplayer.

4) Healthy January

I have absolutely loved healthy January and am glad I have stayed motivated and not given up! I am thoroughly enjoying my personal training sessions, and also the gym classes. I am loving thinking up healthy recipes to cook for myself too! I am currently writing a post on my tips for staying healthy so look out of it!

I hope in February I keep up my healthy eating and exercise and will continue to spend most my time in the library! xoxo

Monday, 2 February 2015

The Collective UK Yoghurts

I was recently recommended these yoghurts by a customer so had to try them.

I bought a mini pot of the passion fruit one as a taster and loved it, so I went back and bought a large pot of Passion Fruit plus Scottish Raspberry as they were on 2 for £4 in Waitrose.

The yoghurts are super thick and are called a live gourmet yoghurt, they then have a fruit layer. The yoghurt is creamy and smooth and the tangy fruit layer provides great contrast and flavour.

I then bought the limited edition Coffee yoghurt and the Russian Fudge one. The 2 for £4 offer had ended at Waitrose and they were now on 25% off the large tub, making them £1.79 for a large tub - bargain!!

All my customers raved about the Russian Fudge flavour, however I must admit it wasn't my favourite - but I think it am more of a fruity gal!

I love iced coffee, coffee iced cream and anything coffee flavoured (I just don't like a warm cup of coffee - I'm strange!), so I had high hopes for the limited edition coffee flavour. It definitely tasted of coffee and was super creamy, but again I think I prefer fruit yoghurts!

I think my favourite is the passionfruit flavour and I will be buying this again very very soon! Maybe I shall try the lemon one next?

Give them a try and let me know which fkavour is your favourite! xoxo