Monday, 2 February 2015

The Collective UK Yoghurts

I was recently recommended these yoghurts by a customer so had to try them.

I bought a mini pot of the passion fruit one as a taster and loved it, so I went back and bought a large pot of Passion Fruit plus Scottish Raspberry as they were on 2 for £4 in Waitrose.

The yoghurts are super thick and are called a live gourmet yoghurt, they then have a fruit layer. The yoghurt is creamy and smooth and the tangy fruit layer provides great contrast and flavour.

I then bought the limited edition Coffee yoghurt and the Russian Fudge one. The 2 for £4 offer had ended at Waitrose and they were now on 25% off the large tub, making them £1.79 for a large tub - bargain!!

All my customers raved about the Russian Fudge flavour, however I must admit it wasn't my favourite - but I think it am more of a fruity gal!

I love iced coffee, coffee iced cream and anything coffee flavoured (I just don't like a warm cup of coffee - I'm strange!), so I had high hopes for the limited edition coffee flavour. It definitely tasted of coffee and was super creamy, but again I think I prefer fruit yoghurts!

I think my favourite is the passionfruit flavour and I will be buying this again very very soon! Maybe I shall try the lemon one next?

Give them a try and let me know which fkavour is your favourite! xoxo

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