Saturday, 31 January 2015

An update on healthy 2015

So, I have been doing well with my healthy living year so far!

I am not a fitness or health expert but I have been doing lots of online research and asking my personal trainer lots of questions, so am finding out lots of stuff! Plus I study a Food and Nutrition degree so I find it all very interesting!

I have got a personal trainer at the gym who I try and see at least 4 times a week, and its been so much fun. I love having someone to tell me what to do because sometimes I find the gym so overwhelming and don't know what to do! He has got me lifting some big weights and my squats are getting much better! I have noticed my arms are showing a little muscle too which is good!

I also go to classes in the evenings, my favourites are bang tidy and LBT. HIIT fit it so hard, but definitely worth it for an intense cardio workout! I have stopped running because we have had too much snow and its dangerous - plus its absolutely freezing and I cant hack it! Once it warms up a little I will brave another run!!

In terms of eating, I have been having lots of fun trying out new recipes and new food too! I am really enjoying researching recipes to try that are high in protein, low in fat but tasty!

My favourite has been sweet potato and spinach tikka masala served with brown rice. I kinda just made the recipe up, but I used tinned tomatoes and lots of spices such as garam masala, curry powder, corriander and chilli flakes. Just made sure you add the spinach at the end as it doesn't take long to cook spinach. Spinach is a excellent food choice as it is high in iron and also a good source of vitamin A,K and C.

I also enjoy sweet potato, carrot and chickpea morrocan soup, I adapted the recipe from here.
But its very simple to make, I cooked sweet potato and carrot in chicken stock until soft. I then added drained chickpeas and added various spices tasting as I went. I then blended with a hand blender to make a soup. I have got lots pots of this soup in the freezer!

I have also been having many smoothies and I add two teaspoons of chai seeds which I bought for a decent price from tesco. Chai seeds are excellent as they provide the body with many nutrients such as omega 3, are high in antioxidants, and also high in fibre and protein. Added to a smoothie makes them very easy to consume. I vary my smoothies every time I eat them depending on what I have in the cupboard/freezer. Frozen fruit are excellent in smoothies as they last longer when kept frozen. I particularity enjoy frozen berry mixes but currently also have frozen mango in my freezer. This smoothie contains, frozen berries and frozen mango, with a banana and an apple.

I have just bought some whey protein powder so tomorrow I think I am going to try and make protein pancakes. I have been doing lots of research on how to make them and think I have the best one that contains egg whites and greek yoghurt.

I feel so much better for eating healthily and going to gym and am slowly starting to notice a difference which is fab!

Look out for the protein pancakes in the next week! xoxo

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