Sunday, 18 January 2015

A trip to an Alpaca Farm

On Thursday myself and then girls wanted to take a break from the library and enjoy a day out. We had no idea where to go so turned to Groupon for ideas. We are students so a spa day is WAYYYY to expensive and nothing else took our fancy!

Then we found a voucher for a trip for 4 to an alpaca farm on the edge of Sheffield for £10 for 4. It seemed like a bargain! I then found a voucher for 15% off local Groupon deals so it came to £8.50, £2.25 each for a day out for students is perfect.

We drove out of Sheffield to the farm which was on the edge of the Peak District. When we first arrived we were confused and not sure what we were doing or where to go. However we went into the visitors centre and gave the lady our voucher who gave us a token each. The token allowed us to go through the gate and into the farm.

The family started the farm when a family member was ill and it gave something to take her mind off things, the farm has grown and grown since. There were so many alpacas it was crazy! We had bought some feed so fed them and ran away when they spat at us!!!

At the farm there were also some cool wallabies and Shetland ponies and a horse. 

It was a fun day especially as we had a selfie stick to play with so took loads of photos and tried to take selfies with the alpacas too!!

Afterwards we headed back into Sheffield and had tea and cupcakes at Fancie. I had a tasty salted caramel cupcakes and iced caramel latte.
Next we want to go and enjoy afternoon tea at Fancie, it looks excellent value!

Thanks Groupon! xoxo

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