Saturday, 3 January 2015

Be Body Beautiful: My guide to a healthy, happy new you

This year I have no exciting holiday plans to look forward to, unlike last year. Therefore I wanted something to focus on. I have always been active and go to the gym 3-4 times a week and enjoy a variety of gym classes, I also enjoying running 10km. However I eat absolute rubbish, I snack on sweets, chocolate and have such a sweet tooth that I have dessert after almost every dinner.

However, this is all going to change, I want to become fitter and I want to tone up. I often feel bloated and sick after meals, however this is all going to change. My new years resolution this year is to become a fit, happy and healthy Rachel. This all starts with reading Lucy Mecklenburgh's book Be Be Body Beautiful: My guide to a healthy, happy new you. I started reading it last night and cannot put it down.

The book starts with a story as to why Lucy has decided to write this book, and with a little history behind her Result's With Lucy programme.
Then there are meal plans and exercise plans too. The meal plans look fantastic and I cannot wait to start making the healthy juices, eating healthy and nutritious meals and doing the workouts.

I will document my progress on this blog. It's funny this blog started out as a food, travel and lifestyle blog. However I feel that this year it will be focussed on a healthy diet and exercise.  Then next January my adventure to somewhere in the world will begin!

I feel very motivated and cannot wait to have something to focus on and aim towards.

Here's to a happy and healthy new me! xoxo

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  1. I'll have to get this book. Good luck with the health kick!