Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey

So, it arrived the long anticipated film finally arrived on our screens at the cinema.

Being typical girls we pre-booked our tickets in advance just to make sure we got seats, and all ventured to the local Odeon on Friday 13th February.

We followed in many other groups of girls and picked up our tickets. The film started at 8.15 and we got there are 7.45 to get seats (you don't get reserved seats at this cinema!). All the good seats had already gone, how early did people arrive?! We took seats on the left hand side and even then it was a struggle to get seats for all 7 of us!

The whole cinema was full of girls, with 4 couples dotted about!

As soon as it started me and my friends thought, oh no what have we done this is so cringe. But once the first sex scene was over and we knew what to expect we settled and enjoyed the whole thing.

The cinema had such a nice relaxed environment so we were able to whisper little comments to each other, or laugh at our friends reactions to the raunchy scenes!

After all the bad reviews, we all went in not expecting a great film, but left loving every minute of it. I know I enjoy a film when it felt like it flew by, it seemed as though it was only 10 minutes long, when in fact it was nearly 2 hours!

The film was cleverly and tastefully done and I would recommend it to any group of girls wanting to go and see it.

Just wait for the ending........?!!! xoxo

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