Saturday, 4 January 2014

Cupcakes and Cakes

My favorite thing to do at the weekend after a long week at work is bake, and in particular cakes! I love experimenting with new designs to decorate my cupcakes and also look for inspiration on Pinterest :)

I usually use a simple cake mixture, however one tip that I was once told was to weight the eggs before you start. Two eggs will usually weight around 132-136 grams. Once you have this number the rest is simple, note this number down and all the ingredients (except for the baking powder and vanilla essence/cocoa power) should weight this amount.

Cream sugar and butter together for a good 5 minutes. Add one egg and a teaspoon of the flour, then add the other egg and a teaspoon of flour. Mix all the ingredients together but not for long. The trick is the less you mix the ingredients the fluffier the cake will be. When I first started baking I was told to mix all the ingredients together for as long as possible and my cakes never rose. I then discovered that you should try to mix all the ingredients for as little time as possible!

Anyway hope those couple of tips are useful! Here are a couple of images of my favorite cupcakes and cakes that I have made recently (and there is the picture of the melting snowmen I made at Christmas on my previous post!)

Enjoy xoxo

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