Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Living the American dream

Sorry I have not posted in like months! It seems weird coming back to this blog, but also quite nice! I miss my random posts on here and writing about my little life and all my adventures.

I am in American for 2 months working at Walt Disney World in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and have set up a separate blog for my friends and family to read so they can see what I'm getting up to! It's surprisingly had lots of views and is nearly overtaking the amount of views this blog has had! Although personally I think it's just my mum reading it over and over again cos she misses me ;)

However I will do a quick overview for y'all! :)

I'm working in the boutique in Downtown Disney, the boutique is located at the back of World of Disney which is the largest Disney store in the world! Princess's aged 3-12 come to the boutique to be made into beautiful Princesses! In the boutique there are two roles, the FGITs (Fairy Godmothers in Training) who do the hair and makeup and then the cash wraps who check the guests out at the registers and take the payment and also do the stock! This is my role as I am only here for 2 months and it takes at least 2 months I reckon to feel fully comfortable doing the hair and makeup! I did not really enjoy the job at the begining and it took me a while to settle in. However now I know what I am doing I am enjoying it much more, and making some friends in the boutique has also helped! I once got a ride home with a couple of the FGITs and we went to Chick-Fil-A (which was delicious!!). When I got home they had sent me a Facebook message telling me how lovely I was - it made my day! 

The beautiful thing about the job is seeing how happy the Princesses are when they look in the mirror for the first time after the transformation. The fairygodmotherintraining spins the chair around and the princess has her eyes shut and cannot open them until the FGIT says Bibbidi bobbidi boo! The majority of the time the princess either has a massive smile on their face or is completely speechless! I love seeing their reactions and it makes the whole job worthwhile! I love interacting with all the guests and princesses it's lotsa fun! Although it's not easy all the time and of course you get the odd difficult customer but that's working in retail for you! 

I am working 4/5 days a week and having either 2/3 days off, depending if I decide to give a shift away! We try and make the most of our days off and visit the parks (we get free entry!). I have now visited all the parks at least once! My favourite park is Animal Kingdom. I love animals and think the park is great! My favourite is going on safari and seeing all the animals roaming, we got so close to giraffes! 

Another favourite of mine is watching the parades at MK as the music is brill and you get to see the characters all together! It makes me wish I could dance still and join in the parade, although it must be super hot and sweaty!!!

Frozen has taken over Hollywood studios, there is a parade in the morning, a massive frozen shop, and ice rink, snow to build a snowman amd various singalong shows in the day followed by fireworks at night which are synced to all the songs from the movie! It really is frozen madness over here! The majority of the Princesses who come to the boutique want to be Anna or Elsa! 
Although I have treated myself to a cute Olaf teddy!! 

The food has been amazing also, of course it has it's America! On the first day we ate at Longhorn Steakhouse and it was unbelievable! The steak was insane and the pudding was out of this world!! The puddings were huge and we shared 2 between 4, one person would not manage a whole one to themselves!

The Ben and Jerrys milkshakes are delicious, the half baked one is my favourite - why don't they make these at home! Whenever we go food shipping to Publix we have to walk past the B&J shop so always get one - oopsies!

I have also been to a character breakfast at the Grand Floridian. The characters included Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter! The breakfast was delicious especially the Mickey Waffles! We are looking to go to another one already!

We also went to Sanaa at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge as cast members receive 40% off! The food was out of this world and made a welcome change to typical burgers and chips that we have been eating!! I enjoyed a selection of bread and dips for starter and then two curries and rice for main! All washed down with a cute Tinkerbell punch! 

Another food highlight has been the Mickey trouser sink which can be bought from Magic Kimgdom, I shared this with a friend and it was divine! 

The fireworks and evening shows in the parks are also superb! I have seen them all except the Frozen fireworks and Illumiations at Epcot! I am seeing the Frozen ones tonight and hopefully visiting Epcot next week after work one day! 
I loved Wishes at MK so much, the light show before on the castle is so cleverly done and the fireworks are like nothing I've seen before!
Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios is also really good, and was not what I was expecting!! 

We have also visited two resorts on our days off and spent the time being guests for the day and enjoying being on a sandy 'beach'. So far we have visited Caribbean Beach resort and The Polynesian, both are gorgeous! 

So far my time at Disney has been a mixture of emotions, I am glad I perserveed with the job as I am enjoying myself now and I am LOVING my days off!! 

More adventures to come!!! 

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