Saturday, 27 June 2015

Knoops - Rye

My mum and I took a short weekend break to the seaside and stayed in a cute village named Rye and discovered an absolute gem of a cafe called Knoops.

Knoops is located on the edge of the village and is renowned for their hot chocolates. Knoops offer a variety of strengths from 28% cocoa (white chocolate) to 99% very bitter dark chocolate. According to the lady who was working this cafe is one of a kind.

The lady who worked there was very helpful and let us taste the different chocolate chips to help us decide. However as I had enjoyed a hot chocolate earlier on in the day and it was a warm day I decided to have a milkshake instead. The milkshakes were only available in 34% and 70%, however they are currently working on other strengths.

In addition to the simple hot chocolate you can also add flavours to the drink such as a shot of baileys, thyme, or sea salt.

My mum had the 34% hot chocolate with added sea salt as the lady recommended it as it would taste like salted caramel. I had the 34% hot chocolate, however the lady let me taste the 70% and it was far too rich for me despite being a lover of dark chocolate. We also shared a shortbread.  

We liked the place so much that we went back the next day and both me and mother had a milkshake each.

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