Monday, 9 November 2015

Paris the city of Love

So I was having a day reminiscing and looking through old pictures and decided I would write about the day me and my brother spent in wonderful Paris.

We arrived off the Eurostar at 11.30 and decided to head straight for some food, when in Paris right?! We had been recommended this place called Bouillon Chartier which is a super old brasserie that gets very busy so its recommended you go early. We walked from the station to the Monmartre area the Brasserie is located in. We arrived and were taken to our seats. This place is fascinating, they  cram you in like sardines and we were sat on a table with a family of 4. We ordered our food and it came within seconds, it’s a bit like posh fast food! I went for the steak and chips and my brother chose the chicken and chips. It tasted divine with the creamy peppercorn chips and such amazing value!

After leaving, we headed to Sacre Coeur as we were already in the Monmartre area and took some pictures before heading to the famous Moulin Rouge.

From here we took a long walk to the Arc de Triomphe stopping in some beautiful gardens on route witnessing someone get married! We then ambled along the river to see the Eiffel Tower, which was absolutely heaving. As we have both climbed it before we decided just to chill in the gardens instead and enjoy the sunshine.

We then walked back along the river passing by the Musee D’orsey and the Louvre and then stopping at what was once the love lock bridge – so sad to see it all boarded up, but people are still attempting to put their lock somewhere!

We then went onto the two Islands, firstly stopping to see Notre Dame and then onto Ile St Louis where we enjoyed some crepes and then bought some snacks from the Boulangerie, I bought my favorite – Brioche!

By this point it was time to get the train home. It was amazing how much of Paris we managed to see, and we did it all on foot. Didn’t get a bus or train once!

Paris is definitely one of my favourite cities to visit, however next I would like to visit an Eastern European city…… any suggestions?!

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