Monday, 24 February 2014

Cinnamon Square

So I thought I would write a review on a local place I like to visit for a drink or sweet treat and have been going here ever since it opened. 
This place is called Cinnamon Square and is located just off the main High Street in Rickmansworth.

Cinnamon Square opened in 2005 and was a very small independent cafe/bakery with only a couple of seats. In 2010, Cinnamon Square expanded to the unit next door to create more space for not only customers but an area specifically designated to showcase their amazing bread. When Cinnamon Square first opened you ordered your food at the counter and then it was brought to you. This arrangement worked very smoothly. However in recent times (maybe last year), Cinnamon Square changed to table service. I have to be honest and admit I am not a fan of this change, and much prefer the old style of ordering food and drinks. However Cinnamon Square will have their reasons for doing this and have not resorted back to their old method so it must be a success.......!?

Cinnamon Square's specialty is the 'Cinnamon Square', this is a square bun, rolled in cinnamon and topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting.  Although they offer many other sweet treats, such as cupcakes, cakes, brownies, lemon meringue, waffles etc, I will always get the famous Cinnamon Square. 

The delicious Cinnamon Square - Large

Cinnamon Square also make a large variety of different bread. This is not something you see very often these days and I am very glad we have someone to go to buy local specialty bread. The traditional bloomer here is delicious as are the rye breads especially the one with the caraway seeds. 

Recently Cinnamon Square featured on Britain's Best Bakery on ITV. The bakery made it through the first round, winning the Home Counties round wowing the judges with their their amazing orange desert in the The Wild Card Bake. I have not tried one of these myself yet, but would love to. However they look exquisite. You will have to watch the episode on ITV player here to find out whats inside The Orange!

The Orange - photograph not my own - taken from

If you are ever visiting Hertfordshire and fancy a sit down or a bit to eat (Cinnamon Square, also serve a variety of breakfasts and also lunches) definitely pop down to Rickmansworth to visit here and most definitely taste the famous Cinnamon Square!

Enjoy xoxo

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