Saturday, 4 October 2014

MasterChef Restaurant & Bar

Unfortunately my first foodie post on returning from America, is not a positive one!

I bought my mum for her birthday tickets to the MasterChef Restaurant & Bar. Tickets flew like hot cakes for this, and they even extended the restaurant for a week due to popular demand. I was only able to get Brunch tickets as they lunch and dinner ones were gone!

I was excited to visit the restaurant, which is advertised as 'MasterChef champions and finalists from the last ten years will lead the kitchen and be appearing in front of your eyes'. Additionally the website states that 'you are invited to meet the champions, eat their dishes and experience MasterChef first hand' 

However this was not the case. The chef's were not present, we could not meet them, and they didn't even cook our food. 

The menu
Leading swiftly onto the food itself, which was a complete let down. We were served yoghurt and granola. Well I can't imagine the chefs made the yoghurt by hand. We were also served a bowl of fruit. Cannot imagine the chefs sliced the fruit either.

Fruit and Granola 
We were then offered a choice of scrambled eggs and salmon on a toasted muffin, or buttermilk pancakes with maple bacon.

Pancakes with bacon and (lots of...!?!) maple syrup
I went for the pancakes. There was not enough maple syrup for the pancakes, and the bacon was too fatty. The quality of the ingredients was awful. My mum had the scrambled eggs and salmon and said that the salmon was awful.

Such a shame to be writing such a negative blog post about the MasterChef Pop-Up as I was so excited to go, and more importantly super excited to meet the chefs and watch them cook. However even if the chefs were actually cooking the 'open kitchen' wasn't even open at all,  merely a small window! 

I would have much preferred to have spent the money on a brunch elsewhere, where the experience and food would've been 10 times better and probably half the price. 

Trying to make a laugh of the awful situation!
So now I am home and to cheer myself up I think I will bake something tasty! Most probably a scrummy post to follow!

Chin up! xoxo

Bag - Kate Spade $368
Leggings - Miss Selfridge £25
Top - Abercombie Kids $12
Leather Jacket - Warehouse
Necklace - Topshop £12.50

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  1. Wow even my the pictures the food look bad the outfit post is pretty Lucy