Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Homemade Berry Smoothie

So I am now back at University for my final year and trying my hardest to live healthily. I have been to many a gym class and wake up every morning aching.Last night we did Kick Ass followed by Legs Bums and Tums - wow that was intense! 

This morning I made myself a delicious berry smoothie. I have never made my own smoothie as never had the equipment to do so, so I just had to share it with you.

You basically put what every you want into a smoothie maker/blender. Its fabulous, quick and easy.

As I am a student its all about saving money, so all the ingredients are from my new favourite supermarket - Aldi. The food is so cheap but the fruit and veg does not last very long so you have to use it quickly! 

I used, 1 banana, just under half a punnet of raspberries, a selection of fruit from the frozen berry selection, a glug of apple and raspberry juice and about 3tbsp of low fat greek yoghurt.

I put it all into a blender, whizzed it up until a smoothie consistency and hey presto a healthy smoothie! 

Now I wonder how many of my 5 a day is in that!? xoxo

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