Saturday, 18 October 2014

Rachel Reviews: Müller de luxe Corner - Vanille d'or

Müller have brought out a new deluxe range and this particular one caught my attention as the description sounded simply divine, and of course because it was on offer for £1 (for two!) in Sainsburys.

The yoghurt comes with shortcake caramel biscuit balls which are coloured gold. The yoghurt has a smooth toffee layer at the bottom of it.

This yoghurt definitely lived up to the description and exceeded my expectations! The yoghurt and toffee www smooth and creamy and the caramel shortcake balls complimented the yoghurt perfectly.

I sometimes find with these yoghurts that there is not enough of the 'corner' be it fruit pieces, chocolate or fruit. However I found there was ample biscuit pieces and was not short of biscuit balls.

I am glad I randomly picked these off the shelf. I am obviously impressed with them as I did my second 'Rachel Reviews' post of them!

I would recommend these to any sweet toothed yoghurt lover like myself!

What have you tried new recently? xoxo

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