Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bills Restaurant Watford

So a new Bills has opened in the closest town to me - Watford. Our closest Bills was in St Albans but we had never visited it. Tonight was the first visit to any Bills restaurant for my family (except for myself, I have been to the one in Hammersmith, London!).

Anyway, the Bills has not even been opened a month. It is situated on the high street in a unit where Holland and Barratt used to be. They have done up the place so well, and it looks like a traditional Bills decor wise. Huge silver pipes on the ceiling, a warm out vintage feel to the walls and lots of cool things hanging everywhere. Not to forget the shelves selling lots of Bills items including chocolate, olive oil and wine.
My favourite section was the super long table which had a beautiful chandelier above it, I took a picture because the whole area looked so nice!

The atmosphere was great, and I did not feel like I was in the centre of (grotty!) Watford, the music was fab and the staff were super friendly.

For main I had the half chicken, served with winter slaw and sweet potato fries. Personally I thought it was too spicy for my palette, however my little brother loved it. However the sweet potato fries were divine.

My brother has the mushroom risotto which was delicious and my dad had the BBQ ribs which were also very tasty. My mum had the chicken kebabs on couscous, however I did not try hers. She said it tasted great though!

For dessert both my brother and I had the cinnamon doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce. I shouldn't really eat dairy or wheat, so am feeling the effects now. However I tell you, it was so worth it!! The cinnamon doughnuts were warm and soft. They did not really taste very 'cinnamonmy' so if you don't like cinnamon I do not really think this would be an issue! The chocolate sauce was rich and warm too, perfect for dipping the donuts in!

We all had a lovely evening, and will certainly be returning! xoxo


  1. Aaaaah! I live in Borehamwood so I'll definetely have to take a visit to Watford one night for Bills, the food looks delicious!

    Amanda |

    1. Definitely take a visit, it's a nice restaurant! Watford seem to be getting lots of new restaurants, it's fab! And not far from you at all! :)