Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Nest Cupcakes

You can tell I am home for the weekend, as the baking begins. I have decided to take the weekend off from Uni and writing my dissertation to enjoy being with my family, and of course doing lots of baking!

Yesterday I make Easter Nest Cupcakes for the family to enjoy.

I used to basic classic sponge recipe as I have explained earlier in this blog. You weigh the eggs, then whatever the eggs weigh, everything except the baking powder and vanilla essence should weigh this too. So my 2 eggs weighed 120g, so my flour, butter and sugar was also 120g - very easy to make cakes this way!!

I divided the mixture between 12 cake cases, not filling them too much as wanted to be able to decorate them!

Once cooled, I made glace icing, iced the cakes and covered them in hundreds and thousands.
I then made butter icing and piped a little nest on top of the cake and placed mini eggs on top.

They looked so cute and tasted good too. I got a little snap happy taking pictures!
Happy Easter! xoxo

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