Friday, 3 April 2015

Waitrose No Bake Raspberry Cheesecakes

I love going to Waitrose and picking out the recipe cards and getting some inspiration from them, so when I popped into my local Waitrose with my mum we saw these and decided to bake them as soon as we got home.

They are the most simple and quick desserts to make, but taste delicious. Most of the ingredients are from the essential range as well, which makes them relatively cheap too!

The recipe can be found here, however I will give a quick summary below:

The recipe says to crush 6 essential Waitrose Rich Highland Shortie Biscuits, however I wanted to be generous with the biscuits so ended up crushing about 20!! I then crushed the biscuits and divided between 5 tumblers (there are 5 people in my family, the recipe serves 4!). Then you mix 250g of Waitrose Lighter Soft Cheese, with 100g essential Waitrose Greek Style Yoghurt (I did about 150g in the end) and 2tbsp pure clear honey. These go in the fridge whilst the 200g frozen essential Waitrose Raspberries thaw with 2tbsp cordial (I used summer fruits cordial as that was in the cupboard but the recipe recommends blackcurrant cordial or squash). Once ready to eat, divide the thawed raspberries between the beakers and layer on top.

I really loved this as a dessert and will most definitely be serving it in the summer as it is a very summery pudding!

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