Friday, 21 March 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier UK premiere

Last night I was fortunate to get a ticket to go the the UK premiere of the new Marvel film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The premiere was held at Westfield London, the blue carpet was in the middle of the shopping centre. We got to walk down the blue carpet just like the celebs do! However as we were not celebs we got rushed along it and told to move on, and we did not have time to take nearly enough photos. If I am honest with you, we were treated like cattle being moved along. Didn't see Chris Evans or Scarlett Johansson being told to 'move on'! Anyway, rant over, I still got to walk the blue carpet!

As the cinemas in Westfield are upstairs, the blue carpet took us up two flights of escalators, once you got upstairs and passed the stars of the show on the blue carpet it was a lot quieter and easier to enjoy yourself and take pictures. We were fortunate enough to bump into Philip Schofield and his wife! We got a few pictures with him, which was nice, he was a very friendly man as was his wife!

All the screens were used for the premiere in the Vue, 9 in total! We were in screen 1, row C. So very near the front!

I must admit I did not used to be a fan of Marvel films, however after attending the Thor: The Dark World premiere before Christmas I have started to really enjoy them. I also must admit that I have not seen Captain America: The First Avenger. However, this did not matter as I understood what was happening in the film and thoroughly enjoyed it. There are an awful lot of fighting scenes in the film, but you expect that with Marvel and I wish there was more focus on the story, however the boys will love it, I just wanted to see more of Chris Evan's toned torso ;)

I also made Captain America Cupcakes to mark the occasion and these were sold at a charity bake sale, apparently they were a success and someone even reserved one which makes me happy!!

I would definitely recommend going to see this film, there is action, romance and also some humor! Let me know what you think!! xoxo

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