Sunday, 2 March 2014

Things I'm Loving - February

So February has gone pretty quick and we are suddenly into March.I thought I would take a look back at things I loved in February.

1) Jumpers 

I love jumpers without hoods at the moment, and my wardrobe seems to be full of them. As we are slowing arriving into spring, jumpers are great as they keep your warm but a coat isn't needed I just sling on my leather jacket from Warehouse. My favorite 3 jumpers are below:

Star Wars - Darth Vader - from work
Bicycles - Camden Market
Jumper - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Leather Jacket - Warehouse
Leggings - River Island
Trainers - New Balance
Bag - Forever 21
Scarf - H&M

2) Chunky necklaces

I cannot seem to get enough of chunky jewellery, it can be added to any outfit to make a statement. A plain black dress with an added necklace can complete the outfit. My favorite necklaces can be seen below:

River Island

3) Treggings

They aren't trousers, but they are not leggings - treggings! I am loving on these at the moment and think they look great to work but also on a night out. I wore my treggings from River island on a night out in London.

Crop top - Topshop
Treggings - River Island
Heels - New Look
4) Tartan

Tartan is for life and not just for Christmas.
I recently wore a tartan bow in my hair to work, and had many comments throughout the day telling me that Christmas was over. I love tartan and think it should be wore all year round. I particularly love my tartan treggings from Topshop. I team these with a plain black top, or black leotard, chunky gold necklace and heeled black boots or pumps.


5) eBay

I am loving eBay at the moment to sell unwanted books, clothes, gadgets etc. For the past couple of weekends it has been free to list items, which is great!
A couple of tips for you. The best time for an item to end is on a Sunday night at around 6/7pm. Therefore put your item for sale on a Sunday night for 7 days or a Thursday night for 10 days. This will ensure that the item ends at peak time so that you will hopefully make the most money. You want to avoid having your item finish at an awkward time of the day where people will forget about your item or be busy. Also ensure that you take clear pictures of the item you want to sell and give an accurate and honest description of the item - you don't want to receive a bad review!

6) The Brit Awards

Who didn't love the Brits! James Corden's last year, Beyonce's stunning performance and the weird acceptance speach from Alex Turner. It gets better and better every year, and this year sure did not disappoint. Did you agree with the winners?

7) Secrets of South America with Billie JD Porter

This was a 3 part series shown on BBC 3 and I was absolutely hooked. With the upcoming Football World Cup and the Olympics being hosted in Brazil, Billie travel's to South America to see what it is like to live there. The documentary is fascinating and looks at the extremes some young women go to enter beauty pageants, how the young generation of South America are very sexually active and experimental and also the amazing coming of age parties thrown for 15 year olds. I would thoroughly recommend watching this very insightful documentary into the lives of those living in South America, to those living in extreme poverty in the slums to the very wealthy.

8) Clean Bandit - Rather Be

I was loving this song in February, it is very catchy and spent 4 weeks at number 1. I would be very surprised if you haven't heard it!

Let's see what March has in store for us! :)


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