Sunday, 23 March 2014

No make up selfie

So recently facebook has been flooded with pictures of girls taking a selfie without makeup on and then a picture of them donating to cancer research UK or Breast Cancer Care. This viral social media campaign has raised over 2 million for cancer research which is absolutely incredible!

However, I have chosen not to take a selfie, and put it on facebook, I have donated to two charities close to my heart, one of them being cancer research. 

The reason behind these make up selfies is ‘dare to bare’, and so firstly my reason not to take one is, I often go out without make up on, so for me it is not a big deal. 

Secondly, it is like taking a picture without make up on it a big deal and for some people I guess it was, especially those who love to plaster the make up on! However in the scheme of things, this is not a ‘brave’ thing to do compared to an individual and their families who are actually dealing with cancer. To me it is like people are comparing wearing no make up to cancer, which it is not at all. 

Thirdly, the campaign is claiming that women not wearing make up is not normal. Looking at all the pictures on facebook, my friends look absolutely stunning without makeup on and I think it’s horrible the society we have become that young girls feel they need to slap on the makeup to look beautiful. Beauty is within.

Additionally, people have taken these pictures, and sure they have donated to Cancer Research which is fantastic, but then putting a hashtag such as #canceraware. However writing this or a picture of an individual’s face doesn't make anyone any more aware of the signs/symptoms of any type of cancer.

I understand this social media campaign has been a great success and I am very pleased that it has raised a staggering amount of money for a charity that affects many people. However a greater awareness of cancer is also required and I think that the true message has been hidden behind vanity, particularly in many cases where individuals and also celebrities have edited their photos etc. Taking a selfie is not exactly a brave or challenging thing. Maybe a 5k run, or a marathon, or cycle ride is a better way to raise money for charity, where you have to push and challenge yourself.

I will be running the Colour Run for Dreams Come True. Although it is only 5km, I have never run a race before and am very unfit and have little stamina. My training has already begun for it and I aim to complete the race without stopping (which is something I currently struggle with!)

 Keep donating to charities all around the world, they all need the support and awareness they can get. Challenge yourself, sign up for Race for Life, do a charity bake sale, use your imagination and do something daring for a charity that is close to your heart.

Good luck xoxo

(This article by the BBC I found very interesting.)


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