Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Pizza Express

On Saturday me and my housemate fancied a dinner date out but couldn't decide where to go. 

My housemate really fancied a pasta carbonara so we focused on Italian. I went onto the typical voucher websites/apps, vouchercodes, vouchercloud and also O2 priority and specific restaurants own website as there is no point in eating out these days without a voucher. 

We found a voucher on Pizza Expresses website for 3 courses for £13.95 so decided to go to the one which was a two minute walk away - perfect!

The starter options were, doughballs, garlic bread or garlic bread with mozerella. Of course I went for the doughballs as they are my all time favourite thing EVER!!

For mains you could have any classic pizza, pasta or salad. However we both chose to upgrade to the Romana pizza for £1.50. The Romana pizza has a much thinner base and is bigger than the normal pizza. I chose the Etna pizza which was 'spicy hot soft 'nduja sausage, fiery roquito peppers, pancetta, mozerella, tomato and Gran Moravia cheese' and it was delicious. It was quite spicy, and more spicy than anticipated but I just stopped eating the fiery peppers and I was fine! My friend had the new Carbonara pizza and she said it was amazing. Instead of tomato sauce it had a bechemel base and had an egg cracked on top.

For pudding you could either have chocolate fudge  cake or two scoops of ice cream. Of course we both went for the fudge cake! Our waiter was so friendly and put lots of chocolate sauce on top for us!

I love Pizza Express, I think the service is exceptional and the waiters are always so friendly and welcoming. You know when you got to Pizza Express you will always enjoy a tasty satisfying meal!

I think next time I will try their Christmas menu as those cinnamon vanilla dough balls really tickle my taste buds!


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