Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Things I'm Loving - November

This is my first Things I'm Loving post since May! Wow, how time flies, as if its December now! In June I went to America so didn't use this blog and I have been back settling into University life, and only just getting back into my blog. Now I am back and the traditional monthly posts are hopefully back too!

I moved to Uni in September for my final year and it seems to have flown by already! Time really needs to slow down. However there are a number of things I have been loving this November, and we can start to get excited for Christmas!

1) Home made soup

As seen by my recent post, I made sweet potato soup. As the clocks have changed, nights are getting darker and its colder outside, soup makes a big come back. There is nothing better than sitting on the sofa with a warming bowl of soup. Homemade soup is the best, and miles cheaper as well. My recent batch of soup used a whole bag of sweet potato that cost me 65p and made 6 large portions of soup.

I have found some other recipes to try:

Beer and cheddar soup - this sounds absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to try it. I reckon it will go down a treat with the lads!

Chicken and chorizo soup - I love chickpeas and I love chorizo, so what better than to combine this in a soup!

Chilli con carne soup - chilli con carne is such a warming winter dish, turn it into a soup and its even better! Will definitely be trying this one soon.

Roast chicken soup - now thats a good idea, turning left over roast dinner into a soup. Talk about money saving tips!

Spiced parsnip soup - I have only recently come to like parsnips, so I feel I could quite enjoy this soup. The chilli pesto sounds scrummy!

3) Alpro products

For years now I have been feeling/getting really ill after eating. It was suggested recently I cut out dairy to see if it made difference. Now I love cheese and I love chocolate, so I never thought this would happen. So far though, I have been doing alright. Alpro soya milk is surprisingly delicious on porridge. Alpro yogurt is good too, especially with a squirt of honey. I am very grateful for these products as I can still enjoy my favorite meals!

4) Winter hats

I love my bobble hat that I got a couple of years ago from H and M and wear it all the time, it kept me nice and warm at the fireworks we went to at Don Valley in Sheffield, which were amazing by the way! They synced the fireworks to music and they lasted 25 minutes, which is excellent for a local display!

I have asked for a Pomskii hat for Christmas as I love them and the big bobble on the top. They are only £25 each so an excellent Christmas present for someone and there are so many cute colours to choose from! 

5) Taylor Swift

I loved Taylor's song Shake It Up and now I am addicted to Blank Space. I have asked for her album 1989 for Christmas. It's weird because when I was 17 I went to one of her first ever concerts (it was actually this time 5 years ago!!), where she sang songs like Love Story and Fifteen. Justin Bieber was her support and we watched the concert where he broke his foot on stage! Oh how times have changed! 

6) I'm A Celebrity

I absolutely love this show, its such a guilty pleasure and I am so happy it started in November! I love all the trials they take part in, and I think the celebrities are really fun this year! I would like Foggy, Jake, Mel or Edwina to win - how about you?

7) The Apprentice

If I am going to mention one TV show then I have to mention this one too! The Apprentice is just too good to miss. The bitchy drama and cat fights make for excellent television and an enjoyable Wednesday night. Last weeks was the best episode by far and I am glad that James has gone, because lets be honest he was too cocky for my liking! I have no idea who will win although I do think Mark Wright is an underdog, cannot wait to watch it tonight!

Now to eat number 3 in my advent calendar and get ready for work! Happy Advent! xoxo 

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  1. Beer and Cheddar soup sound nice. I always put Cheddar in my pumpkin soup :)