Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunny Saturday Brunch in Sheffield

Yesterday morning was beautiful and sunny, so me and my housemate decided to go for a long walk and trample in the woods. We walked around Endcliff Park and Botanical Gardens and it was lovely.

We wrapped up in winter warmers and had a lovely stroll in the winter sunshine. There was not a cloud in the sky!

We then went to Couch, which is a fairly new cafe on Eccelsall Road. After living on the Eccy road for nearly 4 months, we regularly look inside Couch but have not yet ventured in!

We went for Brunch and sat on a nice table right by the counter.

For drink I had an iced mocha. I have never had an iced mocha and would normally go for an iced caramel latte however this was not on the menu! I enjoyed the mocha, but iced caramel lattes are still my all time favourite!

I then had the american style pancakes with maple syrup and boy were they good! There were 3 large pancakes and a generous bowl of maple syrup. Simply delicious!

We even got 10% student discount which was fab!

I very much enjoyed my brunch and will most definitely be returning! xoxo

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