Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Things I'm Loving - December

Christmas and December are coming to a close, so now my December loving post needs to be written!


At Christmas we always play many family games, this year our favourtie has been Linkee! This is such a great game, you can play it in teams or individually. The question master reads out 4 questions and the teams write down the answers on a piece of paper. The teams then have to come up with the link between the four answers. We have had such fun playing this game and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to play games with their family! Even Jamie Laing has tweeted about it!


I have never managed to get a onesie that fits me, due to being short! I got a cute one for Christmas from Marks and Spencer kids section, which I wore on Christmas Day, but it isn't available online sadly! Here is my pick of my fave onesies, I think the fluffier the better!

Urban Outfitters - £50

Boohoo - £18

Very - Was £30 NOW £21

New Films Out

I have not seen any of these, but there are so many films out this month and in the New Year that I would like to see, I think a few trips to the cinema is in order, particularly as Orange Wednesday is ending soon!
IPhone 6

I treated myself to the new IPhone 6 in the middle of December as an early Christmas present to myself, I know I am a bit behind on this but my IPhone 4 no longer worked so I felt it was time for an upgrade! I love it, I love that it recognises my finger print to unlock the phone, and wow the camera is so much better, and 4G is super fast! Why did I not upgrade sooner?!

Wonder what January will bring!? xoxo

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  1. Happy new year!