Friday, 16 May 2014

Afternoon tea at BRGR

This afternoon myself and a friend went for afternoon tea at BRGR. We were recommended by a colleague at work so decided to give it a try. BRGR is situated at the top of Wardour Street near Oxford Street in central London. The premises are very small, which I liked. The decor was simple and sophisticated with massive windows to people watch from! 

This is not your usual afternoon tea and is more American/burger style!

On arrival we were given some sort of iced tea, I am not a tea drinker but this was delicious, especially as the weather was glorious and hot, it was what we needed!

The afternoon tea also came with prosecco, but we did not fancy drinking alcohol. The waitress offered us a soft drink instead but we asked if we could have a milkshake instead. As the milkshakes are pretty expensive she said no, but that we could have one to share! 
We were a bit dubious about this, but decided to give it a go! We didn't need to worry, as the milkshake was massive, and perfect for two. We chose the Oreo milkshake and were so glad we did, it was thick and creamy and simply delicious!

We did not know what to expect  the food to look like, however when it arrived it was pretty cool! The rectangular metal tray arrived covered in checkered paper with three mini burgers and a portion of chips. A separate section had been created for the sweets.

After - completely clean plate!!
The three burgers were, chicken, beef and lobster. The beef burger had a gherkin in it and a tasty sauce. The chicken had been chargrilled, which was lovely, and had lettuce in it and served with flavoured mayo. Finally the lobster burger, had cold lobster in it which was also mixed with mayo. I am not a great fan of fish, however I surprised myself and enjoyed the whole lobster burger. However my favourite of the three burgers was definitely the beef one. The chips were delicious, perfectly salted and with skin on - amazing! 

The dessert consisted of a mini brownie, mini doughnut, strawberry and white cheesecake and a vanilla milkshake. The cheesecake was a standard cheesecake, not overwhelming and as it had been sat out whilst we ate the burgers had gone a bit warm. I was not a great fan of the vanilla milkshake and felt it tasted just like milk, we were glad we had opted for the Oreo milkshake as well. The chocolate brownie was moist and gooey - perfect. However the doughnut stole the show, and we could've eaten at least 2 more! It was very sugary, fluffy and so very tasty! 

The bill came in a cute box, it was £17 per person which I think is very reasonable for the amount of food we were served!

Time to settle the bill! 
I would recommend this afternoon tea for anyone wanting to try afternoon tea with a difference, make sure you opt for the Oreo milkshake! 

Happy doughnuts! xoxo

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