Monday, 19 May 2014

Rachel Reviews: Solero Mojito Ice Lolly

I think a mojito is my favourite alocoholic cocktail to drink. My favourite being mango or raspberry mojito, you cannot beat a sunny day with a cold mojito, so when I saw the Solero Mojito Ice Lollies in the supermarket I just had to try them.

I noticed that the packaging said, contains rum for adults only so I had no idea what to expect, however was willing to give it a try!

The ice lolly lives up to its name and surely tastes of an ice cold mojito. In the centre are strange jelly like pieces which taste of citrus, mint and rum. The texture I have to admit is quite odd and takes a while to get used to, however adds a bit of excitement and difference to the lolly. Although I can tell these jelly pieces will not be everyone's cup of tea!

To my disappointment the packaging for the lolly was just plain white, however I guess they need to cut costs somewhere and the box looks great! It was the box in the freezer section that drew me to the product with its vibrant green packaging. However I guess when sold individually they will have the Solero Mojito wrapper. 

I would definitely recommend these ice lollies for a warm sunny day or after a BBQ as they are instantly refreshing without the calories of alcohol from a real mojito - 55 calories per lolly.

I wonder how many it will take to make you tipsy?! xoxo

£2.49 for a pack of 3
£1.20 singularly 

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