Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Oreo Milkshakes

As you can probably tell by now, I am addicted to Oreo's. At the weekend I decided to attempt Oreo Milkshakes. Whenever I go for a drink at a cafe that sells milkshakes I will without a doubt choose the Oreo Milkshake. So I decided to try and make them myself - they are quite expensive to buy in the shops, and don't cost much to make at all, especially as Oreo's always seem to be half price at the supermarkets. 64p for a packed, would be rude not to!!

The recipe too be honest is all about guessing and depends on how 'Oreoy' you would like you milkshake.
For example the first batch I made my mum said was too Oreo flavoured, but I loved it, and the second batch I made I used less Oreo's and mum loved it!

You will need good quality ice cream for this, not the fake super white stuff you can buy. I used Kelly's of Cornwall Clotted Cream Ice Cream.

I used 4 generous scoops of ice cream and 7 Oreo's broken up with a dash of milk, whizzed up with a blender until smooth. Then gradually added 100 ml of milk until a smooth milkshake was formed.
However you may use more or less Oreo's depending on the strength you would like and more or less milk, depending on how thick of thin you like your milkshakes. For me this was perfect, however for my mum she preferred only 4 Oreo's.

I then poured the mixture into a glass, topped with squirty cream and a sprinkling of crushed Oreo's. I finished the milkshake with a mini Oreo.

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