Monday, 26 May 2014

Jack Wills Tee and Rucksack

I do not own much from Jack Wills and rarely visit the shop. However I needed a new rucksack for travelling as my current one from New Look recently broke. I was scrolling through instagram and noticed a beautiful Jack Wills one, the Eastfield Backpack. I looked it up and it was £59.50, a bit too expensive for me!

A day later JW did 25% off bags and shoes, and the rucksack was advertised at £22 on the main page, my lucky day!
Eastfield Rucksack £59.50*
I bought the rucksack and arranged to pick it up in store (that's free!). However I noticed I was charged £29 instead of £22. I tweeted @JackWills_Help and they gave me a £7 gift voucher - excellent customer service! 

I went to pick my rucksack up and as I had picked it up in person was entitled to £5 any purchase in store (clever that!!). I had my £7 voucher to spend so it would be rude not to.

I found myself a beautiful white top, prefect for the summer and ended up paying only £12 for it! 

Hardwick Top £24.50*

A very happy shopper! Thanks Jack Wills xoxo

*pictures taken from ASOS and Jack Wills - picture not my own 

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